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Welcome to Food Passages, a blog about food (of course)–and food as culture–preparation and exploration of food that embraces or blends cultural cuisines. 

Why Food Passages?

Why did I start Food Passages blog? Because food. Food is a comforter and friend. It’s a tempter and explorer. It’s a teacher and an experimenter. It’s in the heart of a connoisseur, a haute chef, and a laid back down home cook. It’s on the mind of a young adult trying to figure out meals for the first time and that harried mom or dad trying to pull something together on a busy school and after-school day. It’s also in the curiosity of an empty nester adjusting to cooking for one or two and the retiree with time on his or her hands exploring something new. It’s fast and slow, and somewhere in between. It’s good medicine… and a way of life.

I’m fascinated how food enables us to connect with and learn about people and places–and times. In my view, whether you eat to live or live to eat, food’s meaning is ultimately about culture. What we eat reflects who we are and where we have been, literally and metaphorically. From long-standing family recipes, to foods steeped in tradition, to personal transformations in diet, food preserves history and culture while at the same time evolving it and us. 

Food provides sensory experiences that can satisfy mind, body, and soul, inclusive of the physical process of preparation, dining, even cleanup. Every step of the way has potential for satisfaction and amazement. It’s a time to settle into the aromas, sounds, look, feel, and taste of food as you prepare it or receive it from one who’s prepared it with love and respect for its deeper meaning. 

Why I Blog

I​’ve chosen to blog because it’s a way to share recipes and ideas with others who share my love of food or who want to learn more about preparing food or explore the cultural connections we have with food. I’m not formally schooled, but I have experience, interest and a sincere desire to share, learn, and grow. I continually research food history, culture, the practical side or cooking, and explore flavor and ingredient combinations. I think about and cook food every day … unless I’m too sick to get out of bed. Then, I eat comfort food.

Join Me on the Journey

D​o you eat? Do you prepare food? Do you want to learn to prepare food? Do you want to explore the meaning of food with me? Follow Food Passages!

O​ver time, I’m seeking to create a collection of ideas, recipes, and tips to share with others. I like to follow and revise recipes and to experiment and play with food: sometimes my effort is rewarded, sometimes… not so much. I’ll share results along the way. Although it’s not a primary focus of this blog, I’ll occasionally suggest alternatives for some dietary restrictions. I’ll also share stories of people and places and periods of time that have influenced my take on food. 

I welcome all to join me on this journey, wherever food may take us.

Lisa K.

“No one who cooks, cooks alone. Even at her most solitary, a cook in the kitchen is surrounded by generations of cooks past, the advice and menus of cooks present, the wisdom of cookbook writers.” 

— Laurie Colwin

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