Goat Berry Muffins

It’s not some fancy new berry. Goat Berry Muffins get their name from two key ingredients: goat milk and berries. Give these tasty muffins a try!

Citrus Coconut Chicken

Channel a warmer season this winter with Citrus Coconut Chicken. Zesty orange and a tropical hint of coconut subtly flavor your poultry.

Mandarin Coconut Salad

Ah, spring! Here in Tennessee, a thousands greens explode on the scene, along with pastel blooms that burst open throughout the season. It’s glorious. It’s also when we start eating more salad greens, dressed up in pretty colors: like Mandarin Coconut Salad. I first became acquainted with mandarin oranges as a child—the kind that came…

Poulet Papillon Provencal

Escape to Provence with Poulet Papillon Provencal: an elegant, yet rustic take on chicken.

Classic Chicken Stock

Mirepoix is the “holy trinity” of French stocks like this classic chicken stock. Make it stovetop or with Instant Pot!

Incredible Carrot Cake

Flavorful and lovely, Incredible Carrot Cake evolved from a rich carrot history and helped this writer overcome a carrot & raisin hang-up.

Peanut Meatballs in Jelly Sauce

Peanut Meatballs in Jelly Sauce takes throwback Thursday into vintage Southern recipe mode. Enjoy an old-school party treat for dinner … or serve up an old-school appetizer at your next party.

Seafood Gumbo

With a blend of seafood, the Holy Trinity of Cajun cuisine, roux and wine, seafood gumbo is worthy of special family gatherings or a date night in.

Roasted Asparagus

Humans have been eating asparagus for more than 2,000 years. Roasted asparagus is a tasty, quick and easy recipe for this healthy, low calorie veggie.

Maple Salmon

Maple salmon is a festive and flavorful fish dish baked en papillote in a swirl of maple syrup, ginger, and lemon.

Shrimp Scampi

A favorite of shrimp lovers, this shrimp scampi recipe will even tolerate frozen shrimp deliciously nestled in angel hair beds.

Sunny Italian Smoothie

Bursting with tomatoes, lemon and Italian seasonings, let Sunny Italian Smoothie bring some warmth and sunshine into your day.

Portobello Pocket

Portobellos have a meaty texture without the myriad concerns humans have with meat. They make a great filling for this pocket-style stuffed bread.

Broccoli Goat Milk Smoothie

What’s better than baby goats in pajamas? A warm broccoli goat milk smoothie!

Kickin Chicken Noodle Soup

Take a classic comfort food in new directions with ginger and lemon zest for a soothing soup with a tangy taste.

Apple Pork Chops

When it comes to flavor combinations, you can’t go wrong with apples and pork chops. Grab a pan and cook up a comforting meal.

Chocolate Chili Lava Cake

Is it chili in here? Add some heat to molten chocolate, and you’ve got chocolate chili lava cake. Made for two, but scalable for one or more.

Vegan Worcestershire

Vegstershire, anyone? Eliminate the anchovies and other non-vegan pitfalls with this tasty vegan Worcestershire substitute.

Red Beans And Rice

For game day, Monday or just because: Red Beans & Rice. Twice as nice with a vegan and non-vegan version.

Matza Ball Soup

Matza, matzo, matzah…. Any way you spell it, it’s a soup worth making. And whether you make a traditional non-vegetarian, vegetarian, or vegan version, there’s a way to make it work for you.

Chili-Cilantro Tortillas

Homemade flour tortillas are fun to make, especially if you have a tortilla press (even if you don’t) and fun to eat, too. Roll ‘em out, cook ‘em up, fill ‘em up, eat ‘em up. Mmmm….

Two-Stepping Chili

Ever been two-stepping? The dance steps are easy—slow, slow, quick quick. This easy-to-make, slow-cooked chili feels a little like a two-step and puts some warmth in your belly.

Almost Shepherd’s Pie

Is it really a pie if it doesn’t have crust? I say, yes, please. And may I have another?

Good Winter Chili

A classic chili with Italian overtones. A blend of classic chili ingredients is complemented by mild Italian sausage and bell pepper. It’s a warm and hearty dish for a chilly winter’s day.

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